DIY: Easy Pop Up Birthday Card

Illustrated by Iim Nisak

Few weeks ago I received a present from my friend. It's an amirugumi doll that she made by herself. It felt different receiving a bought present and a handmade present. Of course I'm grateful for both presents. But I feel more loved and appreciated because my friend put so much efforts in making the present for me. A special customize present just for me.

So, here I'm gonna make birthday card for my friend. It's very simple that even a beginner can make it. Although it's simple, of course it's still contained much love from us.

Prepare the tools and materials below:
1. Cardstock size 19 cm x 31 cm
2. Cardstock size 21 cm x 33 cm
3. Origami paper
4. Ruler
5. Pen
6. Glue
7. Scissor

Fold the cardstock size 19 cm x 31 cm into half and draw the pattern.

Cut the 1st level, fold it upward, then fold it inside. When you open the paper, you'll see the 1st level pop up.

Cut the 2nd level. IMPORTANT: only cut the upper part of the paper. Fold it upward then fold it inside. Voila! There are 2 pop up boxes.

Do the same steps for the 3rd and 4th level. In result, you'll get 4 pop up levels and it's complete!

Fold the cardstock size 21 cm x 33 cm into half, then glue the 1st cardstock inside.

Prepare the ornaments by using the origami paper. Glue the ornaments into pop up card. Write your message to your dear one in the available space.

That's it! My simple yet special pop up birthday card for my beloved friend. Hope she'll like it. And hope you'll enjoy making it too!


  1. Bagus banget...Sampe sekarang aku suka pop up card, pop up book, pokoknya yang pop up - pop up, selalu suka sama kejutan manisnya.

  2. ih lucu amaaat.. bikin ah buat temenku..
    makasih tutonya

  3. Beautiful and easy to make. Gonna make it with my kid..yuhuu..

  4. Aku suka pop up, udh bikin lmyn banyak cuma ga pernah difoto. Wkwkw. Keren, mba

  5. Keren tutonya juga bisa diikuti.


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